The A Port (Programming the Arm)

Today we are going to start earning some points!!! I am so excited to see how many missions we have accomplished when it is all said and done. My hope is that each team earns close to 100 points after today. That would be an amazing first day.

Make sure the Medium Motor is plugged into the A Port.

Make it happen!!!

All rotations with the A Port should be less than 1 rotation!!! Try .1, .2, 25, & .5 to get the desired action.

As you saw in the video due to the fact that the robot could not complete the command it got stuck and it could complete the next command block. 

Small adjustments make all of the difference!!!

Understanding how the A Port operates is critical to our success as a team. Having a good understanding of how the A Port works will literally make or break us as a team.

Mrs. Scofield and I cannot stress enough how important wait blocks are as well. If you allow the robot a single second to come to a complete stop and get settled before the next command block. We know that every second counts, but these seconds used with wait blocks are critical for a programs success.

Now get out there and make some things happen with the robotic arm!!!

~Mr. Lane


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