Mannequin Challenge “Computer Science Edition.”

What do you do when you have a week until the First Lego League qualifying tournament? The answer is quite simple.

The girls have been working around the clock fine tuning their programs, demonstrating FLL’s Core Values, and preparing their research presentations. We know the girls have been giving every ounce to this project. We as coaches felt we had to lighten the mood a little bit and let the girls have some fun.

We as coaches came up with the idea to pull off our own Mannequin challenge that highlights the awesomeness of computer science, girl power, and awesome music. The girls were so pumped to be doing this. It really added an extra pep to their step for the day. They were bummed some of our girls were missing and they want to do another one when all the girls are present. The true definition of a team.

There has been a lot of Mannequin Challenges popping up all over YouTube. Lego did a great one. The Cleveland Cavaliers may have had the best one at the White House, and now people are doing them with their pets. Those may be my favorite.

Here is our tribute to how awesome computer science is.

We did this in two takes. The first cut was due to the fact that our littlest Moxie Girls arm got tired. We pulled them together at the end of our meeting and they loved doing this. Just another reason why Girls Rock!!!

Lego really did an amazing job with this one.

To pull this off at the White House is impressive. Well done by the Cleveland Cavilers. It cracks me up LeBron blinked twice during the challenge.

~Mr. Lane