Last Saturday Mrs. Scofield and myself checked out a three month coding school that will be opening in Scottsdale. They had an open house and as a school we were looking into potentially partnering with them to create a Computer Science Curriculum for our students. Coder Camps started in Seattle. They also have locations in San Francisco and Houston. The Scottsdale location will tap into the tech industry that is growing here in the valley. There are thousands of tech jobs that are open and cannot be filled because companies cannot find the skilled workers to fill these jobs. It is an exciting time for computer science and the valley. Will Phoenix become a mini Silicon Valley?

I got a chance to test out the new Oculus Rift. I love virtual reality and the oculus Rift just blew me away. Facebook purchased the oculus Rift and this is the future of all gaming. Students today are no longer just creating video games or apps they will be creating Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality games and apps.

Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality

Now there has been a lot of confusion as to what Augmented Reality is and what Virtual Reality is.

Augmented Reality – is a combination of virtual reality and your real world surroundings. It basically adds virtual additions to the world. The best part is that you get to interact with both and you still have the ability to tell the difference.

Examples of AR would be Google Glass and Microsoft Halolens.

Virtual Reality – on the other hand ignores the real world. It transports you somewhere else entirely. You have been removed and you can interact in a virtual world.

Examples of VR are the Oculus Rift and Google cardboard.

Now imagine this was your football experience every Sunday.

The one thing we did learn from this experience is that Mrs. Scofield is not ready for Virtual Reality.


It was a little too real. She ripped that thing off in a hot second.


Now she was a fan of Augmented reality.

The Moxie Girls will work on the Soft Skills that tech companies look for when they hire new applicants. They do not always hire those who are the best programmers. They are looking to hire those who demonstrate the following soft skills. As a school and a club this is our focus with our students.

  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Problem Solving
  • Persistance

How would you do solving these questions?

An example of questions one might face when being interviewed for a tech job.

~Mr. Lane