The Tables Start to Turn

For our future tournaments, we need our Lego League Tables! This involved a great deal of teamwork, multi-tasking, and people finding each other’s items. We all split into teams of two and one team worked on one set of bags. It seemed focused and pretty quiet in the room, and everyone almost finished with their parts. It may take more than 1 week, but everyone is working like there’s no tomorrow! I honestly think the tables will be done next week.


It was very fun working with my partner, Grace! Even though we lost a few pieces, we worked to together to find a substitute! Even though our build has tan colored eye-lids, it still has an amazing part on the board! The build may be a walrus, but we can’t quite figure it out! It was so fun building and trying to figure out which pieces go where. I can admit that it was very fun!


We heard screams of joy where partners finished building. One set was a pink pig, another was a dog who could sit, and another was a forest biome with a cliff! Those pieces all come together to build a 3-D work of art! When people work together, people can make something amazing and out of this world in no time.


We also need to thank a huge fan and an awesome helper! Ms. Kinney was our sub when Mr. Lane and Mrs. Scofield were out. She was amazing with us and encouraged us all the way! Through our struggles that day, to the encouraging thoughts she pointed out, Ms. Kinney was an amazing help, and we will gladly ask her to come again!


Until Next Time Folks!

Hannah (Panda)


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