FLL Kickoff

Last Saturday my mom and Mr. Lane took us to the First Lego League Kickoff at ASU. We got there and had some slight difficulties with the parking (courtesy to my mom and her deficiency for any sense of direction) Anyways, we got there and there were so many people in the building. We walked into the presentation room and were immediately drawn over to the photo booth advertising the Animal Allies theme for the year.


Hilary Mitchell from FLL gave us a preview about what was going to be happening in the competition. Meaning what the board was going to look like and what some of the challenges would be. Then we were given a schedule for all the workshops. We went to one really cool one where four adults with careers involving animals and how we can help them and do research about them. My mom and Mr. Lane also went to learn about how you can become an effective coach. We the kids decided to sit that one out!

After we ate lunch and we went to the last workshop. It was really neat to see all the parts of the programming app that we had never known how to use before that. We had this one great program where we “discretely” had Mr. Lane stand at the end of the table. The robot shot plastic balls at him, it was really funny!

Going to this function was truly an amazing experience. It was neat to get a sneak peek at all the amazing things we have planned for the next few months!




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