Moxie Girls @ the D.O.

This past Wednesday morning a few of the Moxie Girls had the opportunity to speak at the District Office for all of the K-12 administrators for the entire district. Last week Dr. Tseunis spoke about what was going on at Sierra Verde with the Moxie Girls and they asked if we could do a 10 minute presentation on the Moxie Girls. We were bummed we could not bring all of the girls to the District Office, but they were all represented very well. Giving me and Mrs. Scofield only ten minutes to talk is ludicrous since we can barely talk about the weather in ten minutes. We did our best to paint a picture of the importance of getting more females into Computer Science and STEM related careers.


This is such a great picture!!! I wish I did not look like a secret service agent.

Here are the slides we presented to the K-12 administrators.

We took Onella from 6th grade, Ella from 7th grade, and Kendall from 7th grade. Just to give you an idea of how powerful our students words were here is Kendall’s speech.

“Hello, my name is Kendall and I’m a 7th grader at Sierra Verde STEM Academy. This year our school took a huge leap in the field of Computer Sciences by creating Moxie Girls, an all-female high-tech organization in which 6th – 8th graders receive a hands on experience with various forms of modern technology. Thus far, we have coded using scratch on and were introduced to a civil engineering student pursuing her masters at ASU. In the future, we plan to compete in various robotics competitions and will additionally meet more talented women who help to inspire us to continue studying STEM and computer science. As of now, Moxie Girls has taught me that its not your gender that matters, but rather how hard you are willing to work. Remember, you can do anything you set your mind to. Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you concerning Moxie Girls. I am throughly grateful for the chance to interact with so many talented ladies who have the potential to eventually change the world.”


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IMG_3142 (1)

The Future

We had to rush back to school to get there before the bell. Dr. Tseunis kept emailing me telling the girls were the stars of the day. Everyone was talking about the Moxie Girls. I was floored. As we were speaking it was amazing to look out in the crowd. Everyone in the crowd was on the edge of their seat wanting more. The Moxie Girls were confidant and spoke so eloquently to a crowd of more than one hundred people. They are the future of the Computer Science World. The final email from Dr. Tseunis said “not a few, but several schools want to get a Moxie Girls club started at their school.”

Mrs. Scofield and myself are in awe these girls are already having an impact on females in computer science to a degree that we will never truly understand. I have have sat and spent some time thinking of the impact of the Moxie Girls and I cannot truly grasp what is going on right now. These girls are blowing up and we have not even got started.

IMG_6289 (1)

This is a great picture because Mrs. Scofield and myself are smiling as we share about the impact the Moxie Girls are already having. The best part of this picture is the three administrators having a conversation about females in computer science. These girls are doing their jobs.

~Mr. Lane



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